Awesome svg floating

UDesign supports svg floating elements to help you create a beautiful website.


Use floating svg options

Dozens of style options are ready. If you want, you can fully-customize the look of floating svg as well.


Floating svg offset

Controls how much different Svg shape should be transformed.


Floating svg speed

Controls how fast Svg shape should be transformed.


Floating svg size

Controls how big or small Svg shape should be.


Customize floating svg effect

Udesign provides more detailed options so that floating svg effects can be more flexibly.

  • Rotate a Svg shape as you want.
  • Control a Svg opacity as you want.
  • Fill Color and Stroke Color option for Svg shape.


Floating svg element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Floating SVG Offset: Control how much different SVG shape should be.
  • Floating SVG speed: Control how fast SVG shape should be transformed.
  • Floating SVG size: Control the size of SVG shape.
  • Fill Color: Choose background color of SVG shape.
  • Stroke Color: Choose border color of SVG shape.
  • Rotate: Control how much SVG shape should be rotated.
  • Opacity: Control transparency of SVG shape.
Accordion Image
Easy for sure

How to use our
accordion elements

UDesign Accordion Element provides multi options to make your accordion in a short time.

  • Use Section For option is to use section as accordion.
  • Accordion Type option is to select accordion type in your list.
  • Column For option is to use column as accordion content.
  • Accordion Title option for card header.