Ultimate Design Flexibility

Using UDesign Dynamic tags, you can make a unique template for single pages of every post types, e.g. single portfolio pages.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is special information that the site has, or the post has. The next following items could be dynamic content.

Post ID
Post Title
Post Date
Post Content
Post Except
Post Status
Comments Count
Like Posts Count
User ID
User Login
User Nickname
User E-mail
User URL
Registration Date
Display Name
Meta Boxes
Dynamic Image

How to work with ACF

Using this, you could display custom meta fields you've added in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

  • Add Advanced Custom Field.
  • Place any widget in your widget area.
  • Select ACF from dynamic tag list.
  • Select ACF field.

How to work with Metabox

The meta fields in UDesign theme's metabox could be also displayed by using Dynamic Content.

  • Active Meta Box plugin.
  • Place any widget in your widget area.
  • Select Meta Box from dynamic tag list.
  • Select Meta Box field.
Dynamic Image