Duplex Effects

Udesign Duplex effect makes your site more attractive and intuitive. Its graceful effect makes visitors Jaw-Dropping.

UDesign Effect

Duplex Elements

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Use Duplex Options

UDesign provides multiple options to implement duplex effects. You can fully-customize and add duplex effect to your site as you want.

Insert Image & Text

This option is to allow text or image which you want to give duplex effect.

Control Position

This option is to control position of text or image. Please give position you want.

Control Stroke

This option is to control stroke width and color of text. Please use this effectively.

Typographical Effect

Duplex Elements

UDesign provides more detailed options so that duplex effects can be used more and more flexibly.

  • Color and Typography options for duplex text.
  • Stroke Width and Stroke Color options for duplex text.
  • Text Shadow option for duplex text shadow effect.
  • CSS Filters option for duplex image and text.


Duplex Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Use Duplex Effect: Decide whether to use duplex effect or not.
  • Type: Select an image or the text which you’d like to give duplex effect.
  • Image: Choose Image which will be shown on the duplex.
  • Origin: Set duplex transform axis point.
  • X-Offset: Control horizontal position of the image/text.
  • Y-Offset: Control vertical position of the image/text.
  • Rotate: Control the rotate angle of duplex wrap.
  • z-index: Control z-index of the image/text.
  • color: Control color of text.
  • Typography: Control typography of text.
  • Stroke Width: Control the stroke width of a text.
  • Stroke Color: Control the stroke color of a text.
  • Text Shadow: Control the shadow of a text.
  • CSS Filters: Control filter effects to be given to images and texts. There are Blur, Brightness and Saturation etc.
  • Width: Control the width of an image.
  • Height: Control the height of an image.