Make Sure Your Friends Correctly Know Your Events

Countdown is deadly needed to inform the sailing events as quick as possible of your customers. Save time with our countdown element.


Countdown Options Galore

Dozens styling options are ready for fully-customization of your countdown element. Drag-n-drop and control date, time zone and so on.

Countdown Image

Target Date

Set the certain date will be countdown to using this option.

Countdown Image


Select the time zone that will be used in contdown.

Countdown Image

Show Units

Which option will you show in countdown? Choose anyone you want.

Extensive Style to Choose

There are two default countdown types, including Block and Inline. This element allows you to control the text and background color, border radius and background images.

Countdown Image
Countdown Image

Unlimited types of Countdown

You can make your own countdown type using our styling options. Just try, it can be enjoyable.

  • Select proper type.
  • There are 2 unit types.
  • Inner, Outer and Custom Unit position.
  • Color options for each element.


Countdown Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Alignment: Control the horizontal alignment of countdown in it’s area.
  • Type: Change the type of countdown.
  • Target Date: It’s possible to select the certain date.
  • Timezone: It’s possible to select your time zone.
  • Unit Type: Choose your favourite type of unit.
  • Unit Position: Control the position of unit.
  • Units: Show or hide the unit of countdown.
  • Hide Separator: Toggle to show or hide the separator.
  • Item Padding: Control the area of a item.
  • Item Spacing: Control the space between items.
  • Typography: Styling options for amount, unit and label.
  • Color: Color options for amount, unit and label.
  • Border Type: Choose a necessary border style from our list.
  • Border Radius: Control the curve size in corner.