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Choose one out of many styles

The Chart Element provides 10 different chart types to display numerical data. Each one gives you incredibly impressive with own special character.

Line Chart 1

Line Chart 2

Line Chart 3

Line Chart 4

Bar Chart

Horizontal Bar Chart

Pie Chart

Doughnut Chart

Polar Chart

Radar Chart

You Can Make
Awesome Chart Type

Each chart has included extensive styling options, so that you can make a chart that work for you.

  • Choose your chart.
  • Show legend and choose position of legend.
  • Give animation effect.
  • Show tooltip.


Chart Element Options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Data Labels: Input multiple labels separated by comma(,).
  • Data Axis Range: Set maximum value of range that can be set for the data value.
  • Data Axis Unit: Set scale of the axis to show data value.
  • Label: Set label of each chart.
  • Value: Enter data value separated by comma(,). Example: 2, 4, 6.
  • Border Type: Set border type of chart, Smooth, Non-Smooth and Stepped.
  • Show Grid Line: Toggle to decide whether grid line is shown or not.
  • Show Label: Toggle to decide whether label is shown or not.
  • Show Tooltip: Toggle to decide whether tooltip is shown or not.
  • Show Legend: Toggle to decide whether legend is shown or not.
  • Repeat Appear Animate: Apply animate whenever chart enters in viewport.
  • Height of Chart Area: Control height of chart area.
  • Border Width: Set the width of border in chart.
  • Point Size: Set the size of point in chart. Setting 0 as value will remove point from chart.
  • Grid Line Color: Set the color of grid line.
  • Label: Styling options for label.
  • Chart Type: Choose type of chart.
  • Legend: Styling options for legend.