6 Animation types to choose

UDesign Animated Text is a perfect element to make your site text shiny & attractive, decorating with proper animation. Enjoy the Animated Text Element.


Beautiful Joke Animation Rotation Animation Croco Animation type in UDesign


Awesome Rotation Animation Croco Animation Joke Animation type in UDesign


Fantastic Croco Animation Joke Animation Rotation Animation type in UDesign


Simple Fall Animation Scaling Animation Typing Animation type in UDesign


Pretty Scaling Animation Typing Animation Fall Animation type in UDesign


Perfect Typing Animation Fall Animation Scaling Animation type in UDesign

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Build animated text for your website using various options

Build animated text using these options. Please motivate customers with this element.

  • Select Animation Type.
  • Control Animate Text Color.
  • Input Animation Delay.


Animated text element options

Customize Elements Globally or Individually

  • Title Before – Input any text placed on animating text before.
  • Animated Texts – Add animating texts as much as possible. Those are appeared in a regular basis timing on duration.
  • Title After – Input any text showing after animating text.
  • HTML Tag – Choose proper html tag for text from our tags group.
  • Alignment – Control the alignment of your text.
  • Animation Type – Awesome 6 animation types are ready. Choose any for your brilliant site.
  • Animation Delay – Control delay time for each animating text.
  • Split Type – Choose animating text effect as word by word or letter by letter.
  • Text Color – Control text color.
  • Typography – Control typography of text.
  • Text Shadow – Control shadow effect of text.
  • Blend Mode – Choose any blending mode for text.