Theme Option


Riode Global Options

Riode global options help you build your awesome and flexible website. These are beneficial for your work so you can build professional websites without knowing how to code.


Convenience is the First

We support navigator and tooltip functions. You can build and update your site conveniently. By means of these functions, you could navigate Riode Options easily and quickly.


Riode Provides Navigator

You can add options that you often use in navigator panel by
clicking star button.


Riode Provides Tooltip

You could see tooltips for some important options. Navigation could be done in a quick & easy way with them.

Riode Theme Option Qualities

Riode Theme Option System could make a huge progress of building website. No matter how difficult your design is, you can build it very quickly.


Get down to the individual Options

We support several options for general settings. These can give you creative and flexible
when you start creating your site.


General Options

You can select general options such as site type, content
background, container width and so on.


Style Options

You can decide colors which are often used in your site and
default typography for your site .


Header Options

You can set default typograghy and background color for header.


Share Options

You can change options for social share buttons in single product and post.


Error404 Options

You can select block for error 404 page which is made by template builder.


Menu Options

We support all information related with menu options such as label, label background, menu skin and so on.


Footer Options

You can type default footer typography and control size and
position of scroll top button using options.


PTB Options

Riode PTB Options provide the outstanding PTB type - category page title bar. your own page
title will build your site title more attractive and beautiful.

Blog Options

We support 6 main blog types and lots of customize options so that you can create amazing blog pages. Please build your blog with Riode blog options.


Woocommerce Options

WooCommerce is the go-to plugin for creating an online shop. Riode offers in-depth support and design integration for WooCommerce so you can build the shop you want.

Woocommerce Integration

Shop Page Option

Woocommerce shop page option have many variety of options. So you can customize all styles for your desired look. You can also build shop page using several options.

Please build your shop page with this option.


Remarkable Design & Function

Single Product Page Option

Riode Single Product Option supports remarkable design and functions. You can choose main single product type and customize your single product page using several options.

Please build your product page with this option.

Choose any Image Size

Product Image Option

You can choose image width of all images which are uploaded for products. You can also crop thumbnail images using several options as you desire.

Please customize your product image using this option.


Intuitive & Easy-to-Use

Checkout Option

Riode provides fashionable design and logical layouts for checkout page. Checkout process is simple. Please add items to the cart, manage the cart, then checkout your bill.

Please try to use our checkout option.

Unique & Various

Product Type Option

We support 10 main product types and lots of customize options. So you can create amazing product styles without any coding skill.

Please use our product type option.


Distinctive and Abundant

Category Type Option

We support 12+ product category types and lots of customize options. So you can create amazing category styles for your website.

Please try to use our category type option.

Profitable & Advanced

Woocommerce Features Option

Woocommerce features option, it's really amazing. It has many profitable and advanced functions. It also offers in-depth support and design integration for WooCommerce.

Please try to use woocommerce features option.


Unique & Various

Vendor Option

Riode makes you to build a successful marketplace site by using 2 famous market plugins: Dokan, WCFM. And you could customize vendor pages with powerful options.

Please try to use our vendor option.

Advanced Options

We support Image LazyLoad, Menu LazyLoad and Skeleton options and so on. These can make your site fast and perfect. Please try to use Riode Advanced Options


Extra Options

We also support Custom CSS & JS option and Site Identify Option. You can add global css and js so that you could customize your website fully.


Apply Custom CSS & JS

You can type custom css and js which are globally used.
So these make your work easier.


Site Identify Option

You can determine everything which are related to your site identify such as site title, site icon and so on.