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Build a Full Site with Riode
Templates Builder

You can build any part of your site with Riode Templates Builder. This provides an easy but powerful way to build a full site with hundreds of pre-built templates from Riode Studio.


Build any Part with Any Page Builders

You can create any part including header, footer and so on by using several page builders. Each part has enough pre-made templates to help you start easily.




New Wizard for Templates

We support a powerful way to build a full site with Riode Templates Builder. You can easily create your templates. Please enjoy Riode Templates Builder.


Start Building Templates
with Starting Wizard

You should build popup template with Starting Wizard. The editor for creating a popup has 3 options as shown in this picture. These are


The Largest and Serviceable
Template Library

We support a huge collection of pixel-perfect templates that are proven their quality and serviceability through a lot of tests and can be imported by only one-click.


Riode Templates Overview

Get the best pre-made templates from our Library. Every template has high and quaranteed quality. You could fully customize Riode Templates.

250+ Perfect
Templates for
One-Click Import