Sales Popup


Increase Your Sales with RIODE

We support a sales popup function. You could easily get detailed information of sold products by others' purchasing for noticing trends. Please enjoy our sales popup.


Virtual Buy Time Settigns

We support virtual buy time settings every product. Depending on these, you can encourage people to buy products you want.


Forced Virtual Buy Time

You can determine text like '15 minutes ago' using input field for virtual time. If you use this method, popup of this product will always display '15 minutes ago' text anytime.

Please try to use forced virtual buy time.



Auto-Calculate Virtual Buy Time

You can select virtual date using date picker control. If you use this method, The popup of this product will auto-calculate period from virtual buy time to today.

Please try to use auto-calculate virtual buy time.


Default Virtual Buy Time

If you do not set any virtual buy text or buy time, the popup will show real sale time but for non-sale items, it will show 'a while ago' to encourage customers to buy.

Please enjoy our sales popup.


Sales Popup Theme Options

We support flexible and powerful options for sales popup. You can easily customize sales popup as you desire. Please enjoy Riode Sales Popup Theme Options.


Sales Popup Content Options

You can select products you want to display by using sales popup content options and determine the popup title.

Please enjoy Riode Sales Popup.



Sales Popup Appear Option

You can determine when sales popup is appeared using Start Delay options. You can also determine how often the sales popup appear by Interval option.

Please enjoy Riode Sales Popup.

Well Designed Sales Popup

We also support styles for a sales popup every device so that you can look well
designed the sales-popup on any device.