Riode SVG Floating Effect

Riode offers a lot of awesome animating effects and SVG floating effect is one of our gifts. Please make your site more fascinating with Riode.

For any Shapes

Upload any SVG files

You can design svg files with design programs and upload it to apply floating effect.

Element Image
Element Image

SVG Floating Offset

SVG floating offset option allows you to control how much SVG shapes should be transformed.

Element Image

With 2 Control Options

Riode SVG floating element provides more awesome options to change SVG shapes to any size and any speed.

Rich Modification

Fast or Slow, Big or Small

You can control size and speed of SVG floating shape with size and speed options.

Element Image
Element Image

SVG Floating Options

You can see niche options to control style of SVG shapes below. Riode really provides unlimited possibilities. Enjoy SVG floating!

Element Image

Floating Rotate

This option rotates floating shape in certain degrees.
Element Image

Fill & Stock Color

This option controls background color and border color.
Element Image

Floating Opacity

This option makes floating shape transparent.

Element Options Glossary

Here comes list of all options from our element with explanation in detail. This could probably
help you to find out what each option is for.

  • Floating SVG – Upload SVG file to make floating. This SVG should have only PATH elements.
  • Offset – Controls how much different SVG shape should be transformed.
  • Speed – Controls how fast SVG shape should be transformed.
  • Size – Controls size of SVG shape.
  • Rotate – Controls how much SVG shape should be rotated.
  • Opacity – Controls transparency of SVG shape.
  • Fill Color – Choose background color of SVG shape.
  • Stroke Color – Choose border color of SVG shape.