Riode Popup

We provide an easy but powerful way to build popups. So you can create fascinating popup design as you want. Please enjoy our popup template builder!


Popup Animation

We support 45+ amazing popup appear animations for customers. Here are some examples of appear animations. Please choose your favourite one!

Build Your Own Popup

There are 3 steps to build your own popup. Each step is very easy and simple, so you can create the popup template without any knowledge of CSS or other coding skills.

01.Start with Template Wizard

The first step is to create the popup template in Riode Template Builder. At that time, you have 2 methods to build your own template.
First, you can start with prebuilt popup template by using Riode Studio.
Second, you can start from blank popup template.

Please choose suitable method for you!

wizard starter
Popup Image
Popup Image

02.Build with Page Builder

Once you have created the popup template, you can start building your own template by using page builder. On the other hand, you can also control popup position and size in Riode Settings / Popup Options panel.

Please create amazing popup layout!


03.Display Popup Anywhere

When you have done, the popup template can be displayed on any page or posts as you want, using display condition or toggle elements.

Using Riode popup display condition

Using toggle elements like button or image


Popup Builder Options

We provide perfect control options to customize popup template. All options are well-organized and easy to use. Please enjoy with these options!

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to control any part of the element as you prefer, so you can build awesome design and layout with these options.

  • Popup Width – Controls width of popup template.
  • Popup Animation – Select an appear animation of popup template.
  • Animation Duration – Controls duration time of appear animation.
  • Basis Point – Select base point of popup template to determine popup position.
  • Popup Position – Controls top, right, left, bottom position of popup template.
  • CSS Classes – Add your custom classes without dot.