List With Icon

Lists are essential for websites, as they show lots of information quickly and easily. Please make use of Riode icons and Font Awesome icons for each list item.

Various Styling Options

The List Element provides you a bundle of styling options so that you could make your own lists. Please motivate your customers with this element!

What's More...

The ability to make any lists with our Lists Element is limitless. You will be sure that "what you see now and what you get after" principle is real.

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to make awesome lists by means of various content options and abundant customization options.

  • Layout – Select a certain layout type of your list among Default and Inline types.
  • Text – Type the list text for your list item.
  • Icon – Choose the icon for your list item.
  • Link – Type a certain URL for your list item.
  • Space Between – Controls the space between your list items.
  • Alignment – Controls the alignment of your lists.
  • Divider – Toggle for making your list items have dividers or not.
  • Icon Color – Controls the icon color.
  • Icon Hover Color – Controls the icon hover color.
  • Icon Size – Controls the icon size.
  • Background Size – Controls the icon background size.
  • Border Radius – Controls the icon background border radius.
  • Background Color – Controls the icon background color.
  • Background Hover Color – Controls the icon background hover color.
  • Icon Alignment – Controls the icon alignment.
  • Text Color – Controls the list text color.
  • Text Hover Color – Controls the list text hover color.
  • Text Indent – Controls the text indent.
  • Text Typography – Controls the list text typography.