Awesome Layout - Creative Grid

We are providing awesome layout like creative grid. It will allow you to create any layout you want. The below is one of frequent using examples.

Creative Layouts for Everything

The Creative Grid function is available , if you use any section for Creative Grid. And then it's child columns will be grid items by means of Riode settings.

01.Create with Often-Used Presets

We provide 13 prebuilt presets in the creative grid function. By using these presets, you can build amazing creative grid layout for your website without any coding skills. If you choose any preset among 13 presets, your block layout might change smoothly and satisfy you very well.

Please enjoy our creative grid presets!

Creative Grid Element Image
Creative Grid Element Image

02.Customize item's Width & Height

One of the attractive features in RIODE setting is the creative layout setting. We not only support 13 creative layout presets, but also provide useful customize options. With them, you can transform the item's width and height. So you can build any layout by yourself.

Please enjoy our creative grid!

Creative Grid Element Image

Reorder Items on Mobile

What is more important is that you can control the display order for flexible responsiveness. In every breakpoint, you can set every creative grid item's display order.

Please try to resize the window

Embedded in 4 Elements

RIODE provides powerful setting like this, and distributes it to 4 other elements. Although they share one setting, there are some specials in some way.

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to choose any creative grid preset or create any layout you want. These options are very flexible and accurate to use. Enjoy our gift.

Creative Layout Presets - Select any preset to suit your need under creative grid option.

Change Grid Height - Determine the height of the grid layout.

Grid Mobile Height(%) - Determine the height of the grid layout on mobile.

Use Float Grid - Allows you to configure your grid with only float style.

Columns Spacing - Choose specified column space to show your posts.

Grid Item Width(%) - Control your creative grid item's width responsively. Type any number between 0 ~ 100.

Grid Item Height - Control your creative grid item's height responsively. Select any height option among several height options. ( ex: 1, 1/2, Use From Preset, Depending On Children...)

Grid Item Order - Control your creative grid item's display order responsively. Select any number between 1 ~ 10.