Riode Banner

Banner is a good choice to advertise your products, categories, posts and any other
important things. Make your own banner with Riode.

Easy-to-Use Banner Element

Riode provides the easiest way to make a banner with an exclusive banner element. You will be familiar
with our elements and will be able to customize in a short time.

Intuitive & Best Element
for 1 Layer Banner

Riode banner element is a perfect way for banners that have only one content layer.

Element Image
Element Image
Element Image

8+ Presets for Banner

You could simply change banner content position without any knowledge of code. You only need
to choose from various banner presets which Riode offers.

Video Banner

Awesome video banner is another feature which Riode provides you. You could make video banner
with video select option and exclusive player button.

Extended Multi-Layer Banner

You could build more complex banners that have several content layers with Riode.
You have unlimited opportunities to with Riode banner.

Parallax Banner

Another tip to make your site fascinating is making parallax banner with Riode.
You will be never disappointed with Riode banner options.

Element Options Glossary

Here comes list of all options from our element with explanation in detail. This could probably
help you to find out what each option is for.

  • Banner Preset – Choose one from prebuilt banner presets.
  • Background Color – Set background color of banner.
  • Background Image – Set banner image with exclusive options like position, size, repeat and etc.
  • Item Type – Choose the content item type. Choose from Text, Image, Button, Shortcode.
  • Item Display – Choose the display type of each content item. Choose from Block, Inline.
  • Text Item Options – Shows options for text content item.
  • Button Item Options – Shows options for button content item.
  • Image Item Options – Shows options for image content item.
  • Item Floating Options – Shows floating options for each content item.
  • Max Height – Controls max height value of banner.
  • Min Height – Controls min height value of banner.
  • Absolute Content – Set to place banner content absolutely above image with Left/Top/Right/Bottom position
  • Background/Image Banner – Choose whether image is shown with background style or “img” tag.
  • Image Position – Change image position when image is larger than render area.
  • Wrap Content – Choose to wrap banner content with None/Container/Container Fluid in Fullscreen banner.
  • Content Padding – Controls padding of banner content.
  • Content Background – Set background color of banner content.
  • Content Box Shadow – Set box shadow of boxed banner content.
  • Text Align – Set global alignment of banner content items.
  • Layer Origin – Set base point of banner content to determine content position.
  • Content Position – Controls Left/Top/Right/Bottom position of banner content.
  • Remove Offset – Set to give ‘Auto’ value for Left/Top/Right/Bottom position.
  • Content Width – Changes banner content width.
  • Content Height – Changes banner content height.
  • Hover Effect – Shows options for banner hover effect.
  • Particle Effect – Shows options for banner particle effect.
  • Background Effect – Shows options for banner background effect.
  • Content Entrance Effect – Shows options for entrance effect of banner content.
  • Parallax Options – Shows options for parallax banner effect.