Product Attribute Filter

Riode provides the flexible and awesome product attributes filter for customers. You can create the amazing filter as you want and also place it anywhere.

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Filter Content Options

Our attribute filter has more outstanding features than other themes. So it will make your customers satisfied and surprised.

01.Select any Existing Attributes

Riode attribute filter element allows you to select any existing product attributes as you want. So you can freely make your own product filter.

Please enjoy our attribute filter.


02.Filter With AND/OR

Riode allows you to select not only product attributes but also its query operator. So you can create different product attribute filters with same attributes.

Please make your own filter.


Various Style Options

We provide perfect and flexible style options to customize the filter element. All options are well-organized and easy to use. Please enjoy our style options.

Element Options Glossary

These options allow you to control any part of the element as you prefer, so you can build awesome design and layout with these options.

  • Attribute – Choose specific product attribute to filter products.
  • Query Type – Choose item’s query type: AND / OR.
  • Align– Controls alignment of the attribute filter items.
  • Filter Button Label – Input filter button’s label.
  • Filter Button Skin – Choose submit button’s skin.
  • Filter Items Style Options – Allows to control styles of filter items like typography, color, width, height etc.
  • Submit Button Style Options – Allows to control styles of the submit button like typography, color, width, height etc.